7 hardest-to-understand zodiac signs.

Every zodiac sign has its own strengths, flaws, behaviors, and life outlook.

Pisceans are compassionate and supportive lovers but not vocal. They prefer art over words since they struggle to explain their affection.


They can also be irritable and temperamental, leaving their spouses wondering why.

Scorpios have trust concerns and take a long time to trust their partner. They are naturally secretive and don't open up. 


They may also be deceptive and vindictive, making them difficult partners.


Geminis are polite and skilled at masking their sentiments. When envious or irritated, they might act well. 

They also alter their mind rapidly, which confuses their spouse.

Cancerians are emotional and overthink. They get moody and upset thinking about the past. 


They make loyal lovers, but their mood swings can put off mates.

Aquarians are secretive and rarely show their feelings.


They may expect their partners to read their minds and then mistakenly blame them for not understanding.

Free birds Sagittarians feel committing to a relationship will limit their wings. 


Pisceans have vivid imaginations and can have unreasonable relationship expectations. 

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