Dating your zodiac sign? Its pros and cons

Dating your zodiac sign shows your best and worst, making it tough. Before dating your zodiac sign, weigh the pros and drawbacks.

This contest may be hard. You will be stubborn and blame each other for problems. But you'll have fun and encourage each other.


If you're on the same page, that's excellent. If not, you'll both need to increase your comfort zones, which is difficult for both of you.


The twins will never bore. It may be too unpredictable in this contest. One of you must be steady and maintain a home life. 


Best for same-sign matching. Both of you like cleaning and cuddling. Your major fear is that parental love kills your sexual flame as you develop feelings.



Leo matches vary. You both need tons of attention and will grumble if you don't. But you must balance making someone feel unique.


If you both value health and service, this may be a perfect fit. However, never criticize or enhance the other person.

This relationship is beautiful if you both work to please one other and maintain balance and fairness. Staying superficial is risky.


Two Scorpios are passionate, dangerous, and intriguing. Trust is crucial in this fight. Your relationship will suffer if one spouse is insecure or distrustful.


Both of you will like biking and kayaking. Your strong ideas will spark lively arguments, which you'll both enjoy.


Your realism might ruin this relationship. Practice helps you comprehend people. Being yourself suits this relationship.


These folks are open-minded and can tolerate each other's quirks. You will be best buddies. But emotions aren't your thing.


Dreamers will assist and hurt each other. You use rose-colored glasses and think your partner is perfect unless they have serious issues. 


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