Here is a sampling of delicious American foods that are worth trying. 

Grits and Shrimp After trying it at Crook's Corner in North Carolina, Craig Claiborne wrote about it in the New York Times in 1985, making it a Southern cult food.

Red Velvet Cake This American favorite is made for Valentine's Day and Christmas. Red velvet cake is usually iced with French-style butter roux.

Kansas City BBQ "World capital of barbecue" Kansas City loves barbecued meat. Kansas City barbecue is known for its pork ribs, beef brisket, and "pig salad" of pulled pork.

Popcorn Chicken American popcorn chicken is bite-sized chicken pieces that are breaded or battered and deep-fried. 

Mission Burrito The first Mission burrito was produced at El Faro or La Cumbre taqueria in San Francisco's Mission District on September 26, 1961 or 29, 1969. 

Boiled Maine Lobster The most common and easiest technique to cook Maine lobster is boiling. Live lobsters are placed in a large pot of sea salt-seasoned boiling water.

Étouffée Étouffée is a variety of Cajun meals that are served as a main course and are made with one type of shellfish, such as shrimp or crawfish, in a rich sauce.

Spam Who knew a six-ingredient can would become America's national dish? Spam, a square combination of pork, water, salt, sugar, potato starch, and sodium nitrate

Hoagie In 1992, Philadelphia's official sandwich was the hoagie, an Italian bun dusted with oil and vinegar, stacked with onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce

Sesame Chicken American-Chinese sesame chicken is created by deep-frying deboned and battered chicken pieces in a thick, transparent, sweet sauce of chicken broth.