How each zodiac sign manages relationships

Man-woman relationships are really hard. Why? Because both lovers invest most of their needs—physical, financial, emotional—in their love.

Mars governs energetic Aries. The magnetic Aries. Vitality attracts Aries. This sign aids overcomers but may damage sensitive persons.


Venus rules Taurus affection and comfort. Astrologers call it Bull. Taurus is most reliable. Relationship stability and commitment are desired.


Communication planet Mercury oversees dual Gemini. The twin sign Gemini has two personalities. They communicate well and are funny.


Cancer The mental Moon rules the Sun. Cancer mood swings are Moon-driven. A Cancer may chuckle and gurgle infectiously before concealing later. 



Zodiac spirit The Sun rules Leo. Fierce Leos are active. You may enjoy Leos' energy but not vanity. You may feel like their best.


Virgo, the most practical and methodical sign, is earthy. Like Gemini, Virgo is controlled by Mercury, although they are not garrulous. 

Venus rules Libra, the scales sign. Librans dislike disagreement, thus they prefer compromise versus standing their stance.


Scorpio is ruled by Mars in India and Pluto in the West. Scorpios have the most captivating eyes, making them hard to resist. 


Jupiter, the planet of abundance, rules fiery Sagittarius. The brightest and funniest Sagittarius eyes sparkle.


The earth sign Capricorn works hard. Saturn controls Capricorn, who delays aspirations. Family, tradition, and stability matter to them. 


Saturn controls Indian Aquarius and western Uranus, airy signs. Adventurers Aquarians avoid conflict in relationships. 


Water sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in Indian astrology and Neptune in western. Dreamy but smart, they live in their own universe. 


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