How well does your zodiac sign keep promises?

No matter how big or little, promises are considered the holiest pledges. However, various people may prioritize or interpret promises differently. 

Aries, like Leos, are impulsive. They take vows seriously. In enthusiasm, individuals often give more than they can. 


Tauruses are uncomplicated. They don't break promises because it's meaningless. They want self-improvement and gain.


Major league Geminis are people-pleasers. They may say anything with earnestness, but they forget it after you leave the room. 


Cancerians want comfort. They never pledge to violate their zone, but they would do everything for their family and home.



Lions depend heavily on self-image. Any decision is made after considering how others would see them. 


People born Virgo are always on edge. Their anxiousness fuels their neurotic disposition, and they analyze every circumstance and its result. 

Libras are usually talkative and pleasant, unable to endure sadness. They always pledge to fix things, but then realize they may not be able to.


Scorpios boast yet lie. They need a lot of convincing to commit, but once they do, they strive hard to maintain their self-respect.


Sags are great and typical. Overambitious, they think they can give you the moon and stars and are as disappointed as you when they can't.


Realistic Capricorns are responsible. This prevents unrealistic promises. Practicality also makes individuals prioritize their issues.


Aquarians always put themselves first. They always keep their promises. However, other folks are highly unstable. 


Fish Zodiac folks are creative like Sagittarians. This happens immediately after a mood change, and they procrastinate before realizing the problem.


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