meanest zodiac signs (and what causes them)

Few individuals are generous. Some are naturally pleasant, while others aren't noble despite their greatest attempts. They're usually mean.

People of this zodiac sign never hold back their emotions. It may be beneficial, but Aries' insensitive and nasty words make things worse. 


Taureans love softness! The most fantastic people you'll meet. Everyone likes them since they don't hold grudges and focus on positive.


Due to their divided personalities, Geminis may be loving or harsh. They hate bad circumstances. They may accuse easily when angered. 


The most empathetic sign is gloomy Cancer. The worst attitude others may have never imagined makes them grumpy and nasty when imprisoned.



Everyone likes Leos, but insult them and everything breaks loose! They are charming, but those who exploit them may be cruel.


Virgos are ‘perfectionists’ who seek perfection in everything. They may be resentful because they grudge behind others' backs. 

Librans are the most giving signs since they have no bad thoughts and are balanced in all aspects of life.


If you annoy them, they might become chilly. They require a lot of apologizing and will scold you harshly. 


One of the kindest and funniest signals, they attempt to make others happy. They avoid noisy, nasty people and only get out with like-minded people.


They have rigid ethics and practices. To the point of cruelty. They have a nasty temper and argue inappropriately. 


They may appear nasty, yet they are peaceful and happy within. They also aid others and support them. 


They like soothing and mentoring people in stressful times. Excellent and respected Pisceans value stress-free, resentment-free living.


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