The 5 Best Neighbors Are Zodiac Signs

Bad neighbors make the best stories, so we focus on them. Good neighbors don't get as much attention as terrible ones. 

Cancer neighbors have the nicest Halloween parties and give out the best candy. People assemble at their place and throw spontaneous parties.


Cancers have the nicest Christmas decorations, aid others, and provide support through hard times because they are creative. 

The Capricorn house has curb appeal—they're not the neighbors with broken-down automobiles on their lawn. They keep to themselves yet aid when asked.


Capricorn gives their new neighbor their phone number in case of emergencies or other reasons when they move in.


Leo neighbors will host a block party, welcome everyone, and buy more food than they need. Set up a neighborhood watch. 

They address conflicts with neighbors face-to-face to avoid escalation. Leo is in the neighborhood if 

Libras are caring neighbors. They're constantly conscious of noise and won't blast music late at night.


Libra sympathizes with neighbors with new babies or puppies and loud noises. While on vacation, if you need someone to pick up mail, water plants, or feed pets, 

Virgos are kind and skilled. The finest people to call for repairs or missing item assistance are them.


Virgos are glad to help and will investigate the answer if they don't know.

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