The biggest intimacy concerns for your zodiac sign

Intimacy may be strange, exhausting, and humorous. Each zodiac sign has strengths and drawbacks in intimacy and romance.

Independent and headstrong, Aries do things their way. You hate being told what to do in a relationship since you're the ruler of your life


Taurus makes fast commitments without getting to know their mate. When things don't go your way, you fall back into your old habits. 


Gemini struggles to settle down and can't commit. They're afraid of serious relationships.


Cancer never shows its tender side, preferring its crabby shell. Let your beloved show you mercy. Allow people to care for you



Leo struggles to relinquish control. You want constant control. Not being able to share power is your biggest intimacy challenge.


The toughest sign to trust and respect is Virgo. The causes of your intimacy troubles. Understand that everyone has trust and flaws. 

Libra is organized, capable, and balanced. Make folks feel good. You're carefree and fun. Make more life choices. Believe in yourself.


Scorpio's intimidating reputation is your biggest barrier to connection. You don't resist closeness but struggle to attract it. 


Sagittarius, the perpetual bachelor, views commitments as a trap. Don't give up your freedom for anyone.


In a partnership, Capricorn likes to be powerful. They fear revealing their partner their emotions. You may appear disconnected. 


Aquariuses value intellect over feelings, making them independent and frigid. Fearing loss of freedom, you don't allow anyone in.


Pisces are kind but self-conscious. Chameleon you. You blend in whenever possible.


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