The hardest and easiest zodiac signs to love

In love is one of life's most wonderful sensations, and finding the one you've always wanted completes life.

You fear it like many others. Heartbreak. After overcoming that fear, you'll be ready for a healthy relationship. You are kind, generous, loving. 


You're the zodiac's most loyal sign. Besides being very loyal to your family, you constantly put your connections first. 


You're lively, extroverted, secretive, and closed. You regularly change your mood daily. 


Of all the zodiac signs, you're the easiest to adore. You express your emotions openly. 



Your ego hinders others from falling in love with you. Becoming dictatorial and condescending. Your wit and smarts can be too much occasionally. 


Ego prevents others from loving you. Dictating and condescending. Sometimes your wit and smarts are too much. 

People feel valued and special around you. They love every circumstance and have never done it with anybody else. 


So much fun with you. Most importantly, you take your work seriously and are passionate. 


Your joy and happiness make you beautiful. Wit, positivism, and charisma describe you everywhere.


You're an appealing love interest. You work hard and aim high. You enjoy life control, which is OK. 


Beautifully lovely and compassionate. Though honest and trustworthy, you're afraid of getting wounded. That makes you aloof and you close off to avoid heartbreak. 


You may be wary at first. It's acceptable since you're afraid of getting wounded. 


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