The Most Cheating Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You may believe you have enough information to catch a cheater—someone who hides their phone, departs without explanation, or gets in terrific condition.

Fire sign Aries is number one. They, like Gemini, are fiercely independent as the zodiac's leader and struggle to be held down.


"Aries is about passion, exploration, and self-discovery," explains Kirsten. "They love getting to know someone, 

Twins are the zodiac's social butterfly and indecisive, making them prone to cheating.


"This air sign is prone to flaky behavior, making it difficult to trust, especially with big commitments or future relationship plans," Kirsten says.


Venus rules Libra, the romantic planet. Like Pisces, they overestimate the importance of relationships.

“Obsessed with beauty, equilibrium, and balance, Libras love to surround themselves with attractive partners,” says Kirsten.

Leos are notorious for their attention-seeking. Being the focus of the dance floor at a wedding or dominating dinner discussion,


It's no wonder that Leos "love the thrill of the chase and the giddiness that comes with first encounters," 

Pisces, the zodiac's sensitive romantic, may not be monogamous. In reality, their passion of love causes difficulty.


Bennet: "Pisces expect their relationships to resemble Titanic scenes." "When it gets too'real' they find romance elsewhere."

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