The most to least risky zodiac signs

The world is flawed; everyone has defects. Everyone expresses rage differently, which may be dangerous and terrible.

Fire signs like Aries abhor dominance. They retaliate by stealing or murdering.


Due to their disposition, they are brutal world tyrants. They were born to rule the world.


While Geminis can steal, they cannot commit violent crimes. They are indecisive since their decisions keep diminishing despite their fast learning and great humor. 


Cancerians lack mental stability; when enraged, they see red, which can lead to criminality.



Leos have mental health concerns and commit crimes because to their tempers. To gain famous, people commit crimes because they crave attention. 


Perfectionist Virgos are skilled thieves yet cautious. They know their job and perform it so neatly that no traces remain.

Libras commit largely narcotics and bank robberies. They avoid committing crimes alone and seek companions. 


People who take their spotlight make them jealous. Scorpios will sting in the wrong situation. 


They might be rude while seeking wealth. They are excellent thieves who steal riches to survive. 


Capricorns are capable of committing horrible crimes like pickpocketing and murder. 


Aquarians are masters of payback. They manipulate and vengefully. They also hack well. They are more creative when hacking important sites. 


Pisceans are hot-tempered yet drug abusers. Pisceans have unlawful habits and may commit a significant crime to feed them.


Stay tuned for developments.