This zodiac sign tells you whether someone likes you.

One-way flirtation embarrasses you. But knowing the star sign of the person you like might prevent embarrassing situations. 

No secrets or dishonesty for this zodiac sign. If they like you, they'll show. You'll be lavished with care. Just stand in front of them. 


If you don't want to, Taureans are picky. Like you, they'll be cautious. Possible joke, icebreaker, tentative grin, or accidental arm contact. 


Good luck makes Gemini like you. Had to act. Like elementary school when the individual who ripped your hair and flung mud at you was secretly smitten on you.


Shy, sensitive, they keep secrets. They may stare at you or blush as you talk. Communicate with Cancerians often to shatter their shell.



Leo needs attention and acts up when a spouse is close. They wear great clothing, make funny jokes, and display medals.


No matter what, Virgos enjoy assisting. If you test your object-of-affection by discussing a problem with a Virgo, they will remedy it for you. 

When Libras flirt, you know they want you. Venus rules them, and they're flirting experts. Telling others about you shows they like you.


This character is tough. They typically act oppositely to hide their genuine sentiments. They reveal themselves when they stare intensely.


This sign seldom romances. Like you, their body and attitude will change. See whether a Sagittarius likes you by their body language. 


Capricorn is peaceful and self-controlled, so don't anticipate much love. Like a romantic knight from the past if they like you. 


Aquarians are intelligent, rational, and analytical, hence some find them cold. When they get emotional, shaky, or flappy, you have them! 


Lovers are zodiac signs. Their eyes will flush, applaud you, and make romantic faces. You may feel happier when Pisces likes you.


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