Weight loss advice for 12 zodiac signs

They are fantastic food supplements for overall health. They have Omega-3, Omega-6, minerals Vitamin E and magnesium are essential for wellness. 

Aries are god-given powerful and sturdy. Their difficulty is that they gain weight even with water. 


Taurus Ascendants are the most handsome zodiac signs despite their average bodies. 


A muscular Gemini ascendant is small or average in height and demeanor. They never acquire weight. You don't appreciate being bullied if you gain weight and can't diet.


Even though you love food and are known as the foodie of the zodiac, your cancer ascendant makes you thin and hard to gain weight. 



Most Leo ascendants are slender and strong with excellent inner power. They love fitness but sometimes get slack with routines.


The fat Virgo ascendant must watch their food. If Jupiter is weak in their natal chart, they have poor digestion.

Libra ascendant is average-sized and gains weight quickly, yet they are also exercise enthusiasts.


Scorpio ascendants have well-defined muscles. Jupiter misaligned in the natal chart may cause weight gain. 


Their rising natural body type is lean and long. Most seldom acquire weight, but if they do, turning back to shape depends on their determination.


Most Capricorn ascendants are thin and long and don't acquire weight. But just in case they gained weight for unforeseen reasons, 


Aquarius ascendant is average-built. They acquire weight easily since they can't eat well. Constraint and obligation make you do bad things. 


Fitness enthusiasts Pisces ascendant are strong and well-built. Pisces are smart, but gaining weight makes them lose ground faster than expected.


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