What is your platonic soulmate's name? Learn about your horoscope sign.

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Yes, I know. It's absurd. However, these cardinal signs adore each other due to their similarities. Aries and Capricorns are both ambitious and brave, despite their contrasting methods.


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Taurus and Gemini, adjacent zodiac signs, differ greatly. One is fixed earth and the other variable water. However, both are fun-loving and loathe confrontation, so they match energy well.

Gemini, Taurus

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As earth-water, they form a terrific amorous duo. They care about each other's feelings and are sentimental. Virgos may teach Cancerians pragmatism and let go. Understanding life together can cement their relationship.

Virgo, Cancer

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I love them! A fire-air couple, they like socializing and having fun. Both are driven for achievement, thus their partnership can achieve any goals. Their stubbornness might cause disagreements, but talking can fix anything, right?

Libra and Leo

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The honest Sagittarius and imaginative Aquarius form a fantastic match. They have a free-flowing energy and adore learning and exploring.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

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Water-water pairs make perfect sense. They are great companions and confidants. Pisces may educate Scorpios to experience their emotions and Scorpios to be realistic.

Pisces, Scorpio