What is your zodiac sign's lucky charm?

People have liked the concept of a fortunate charm or talisman. According to ancient tales, people have fortunate charms that assist them prosper.

Aries are determined and active, therefore a key would be your fortunate charm. Your ‘never giving up’ mentality is admirable. 


Taureans are lucky with 7. This number is lucky in many cultures and places. 


Geminis should choose dices since this fortunate charm is constantly applicable. Social butterflies, Geminis adore people and following trends.


Cancers should carry a ladybird for luck. Cancerians are loving and adore animals.



Leos believe costly stones will help them. This fortunate charm suits Leo. They are inherently engaging, bright, and beautiful. 


The evil eye deters bad spirits, despite its mythical origins. This lucky amulet is always with Virgos. 

Any triangle-shaped object is lucky for Librans. Triangles symbolize life, death, and our relationship to the cosmos in ancient texts. 


Scorpios trust horseshoes as fortunate charms. Since the horseshoe was iron, they were lucky. 


Sagittarians carry a fake rabbit foot as a charm because of old legend.


Capricorns cherish their four-leaf clovers because they have always been lucky in trying situations. 


Crickets are highly lucky for Aquarians. For decades, these insects have symbolized harmony and been the perfect company for loners. 


The dreamcatcher offers Pisceans luck and pleasure. Hanging a dreamcatcher near your bed is said to calm you. 


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