What sort of wife your zodiac sign is

Zodiac signs indicate personality qualities. They can't foresee the future, but they can reveal fascinating features like your ideal bride. So, to find out

Strong-willed, adventurous, and compassionate describe them. Overly practical and unable to stand phony things, they also believe in fantasy.


Taurus women are naturally devoted and trustworthy. These ladies can make any four-wall house attractive and comfy.


Unrepressible Gemini ladies are pals. Kids need new stuff since they tire rapidly and lose interest. Marriage is great when ideals and interests match.


Too lucky are Cancer-spouse males. Cancer women put their spouses first and love them. You can't imagine a more loving partner.



Protective Leo women must be delighted for a happy marriage. Leo women love compliments and think they're perfect.


Perfectionist Virgo ladies want the same from their husbands. With a sense of humor and love, they mix pragmatism and emotions well.

Libras prefer traditional romance. They make their marriage charming and passionate, but they can't rest until their spouse is devoted.


Scorpion spouses, be strong-willed. Scorpion women have high requirements for their partners. Life is full of passion for them.


Sagittarians are free-spirited. They adore freedom and always want to spice things up.


Multitasking Independent Capricorn women are determined. The laziest, they are terrific homemakers and keep the bedroom toasty.


They'll be best friends, not married. They make women men like. These smart, courteous, independent, and adventurous women are impulsive. 


You are amorous and imaginative. ‘Beauty with brains’ best characterizes them, therefore don't let them go. 


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