Why weight loss is critical for males with abdominal obesity

Eating and drinking more calories than they expend daily increases the risk of weight gain, especially belly fat.

Getting older matters too. We lose muscle with aging. The situation is worse for inactive people. Loss of muscle slows calorie utilization. 

That can make weight management harder. Men in their 50s require 200 fewer calories per day than in their 30s.

Overweight and obesity can also be linked to genes. And it affects where the body stores fat.

Alcohol can cause beer belly, but beer alone isn't to blame. Alcohol abuse of any type might worsen the situation. Alcohol should be consumed moderately. 

Stand and wrap a tape measure around your naked stomach above your hipbone. Adjust the tape measure to fit snugly without pressing into the skin. 

Take a breath and measure your waist. Measure without sucking in your stomach. A waist measurement of greater than 40 inches.

Crunches and other belly workouts build and tone abdominal muscles. However, those activities won't reduce abdominal fat. Visceral fat responds to the same diet

Limiting processed meats, saturated fat, and high-fat dairy items like cheese and butter.