You Should Try These Traditional American Dishes

Buffalo Chicken Wings These 1960s-created fried chicken wings in cayenne-vinegar buffalo sauce are popular bar appetizers. 

Tiny Tots Yes, we adore French fries, but try tater tots for an American twist. Breakfast restaurants, quick food chains, and diners provide cylindrical

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Hot Dogs An all-American hot dog is perfect for a summer barbeque or baseball game. The hot dog was invented by German Charles Feltman

Apple Pie Many have heard the saying “as American as apple pie” with good reason. British and Dutch immigrants introduced apple pie, America's most famous dish. 

BBQ Ribs BBQ is one of the country's oldest traditions and has become an art form, with fans and enthusiasts of many types. 

Sandwich Reuben American delis are known for their corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut sandwiches. This sandwich is an American favorite

Biscuits and Gravy The British brought the biscuit to the South, and during the Revolutionary War, the ‘sawmill’ gravy was devised as an inexpensive

“Bunker Hill was purchased for $51 and re-architected for a then-whopping $95,000.”

Meatloaf Most American families have a recipe for comfort food at its best. Ground beef and seasonings are fashioned into a loaf shape in a loaf pan or by hand

Grits The first time you taste grits, you may be confused. Southern US grits lovers can't live without them! Grits, derived from coarsely crushed maize kernels, are versatile. 

Hamburger The American hamburger and cheeseburger are unquestionably popular. The variety of toppings and varieties for burgers is endless