Your Ascendant Sign Reveals Your Past Life

Astrology teaches a lot. Have you wondered what your life mission is? From former life astrology, 

Your history was Pisces-dominated. You came from a life with many restrictions and duties.


If your ascendant is Taurus, Aries ruled your past. You're channeling your prior life's hot fire into creativity.


Your creative inclination from your Taurus-dominated background influenced your communication and attentiveness. 


Gemini-dominated lives sometimes bring fear and a feeling of twisted reality. You may be focused on family, obligations, and living more meaningfully.



A Leo likes nothing more than being loved and whole. A Cancer-dominated history might make it hard to feel fulfilled or appreciated without frequent confirmation that you're not alone.


You may care for others now, but your Leo past put you on stage. Your inner loneliness may be real. 

Because you didn't feel valued in a prior life, you may be trying to balance the karma of wanting to please people or being in unjust situations. 


From a life of balance, you want to experience life fully and complexly.


The deep roots of Scorpio rule have given you a newfound expansiveness and largess.


Capricorn, you want to create boundaries and let go of your careless Sagittarius existence.


You're bored of your Capricorn-dominated existence and eager to reveal your real colors and experience life from a different perspective.


The karma cycle is over. Pisces, take this opportunity to settle matters, tie up loose ends, and be responsible.


Stay tuned for developments.