Your zodiac sign and buying habits

Our spending patterns reveal our likes, culture, values, joys, and wants. Our financial habits may be inherited, but might we see them in the stars? 

Aries play and spend hard. The thrifty sign's money and saving habits are hunter/gatherer.


Taurus likes to shop and buy snacks. They adore the greatest scent. Taureans like luxury and buying valuable items.


The best shopping partners are Geminis. They will flutter through shops and help you dress your friends.


Cancer is homebodily. They buy the basics. They accumulate old clothes and have trouble throwing them away. 



Lovers make life seem good. They want glamour and a statement, so they look for something flashy. Just add some sparkle and glam.


Virgos are financially secure. Their accounting and expenditures will be functional and scientific. 

Shop without intuition, Libras. Impulsive shoppers who prefer to gratify themselves. They often buy unnecessary items.


Scorpios are energetic and hyperfocused. Their individual budgets should be similar. They play to win.


The Sagittarians are cheerful and hopeful. They spend on travel, study, and business to expand their worldview.


Capricorns establish high financial standards. They save hard for the expensive version of something they adore.


Aquarius loves discovering new styles. Given that they like to consider before acting, they are extremely saving-focused.


Pisces are exceptional manifesters, and their story may change you. Emotions drive them, making them the hardest sign to decipher.


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