Your zodiac sign's lucky birthstone

Birthstones affect people emotionally and psychologically. Birthstones are supposed to reveal personality, likes, and preferences.

Aries' birthstones are diamonds and bloodstone. The hardest diamond symbolizes beauty, power, firmness, individuality, and eternal love. 


Taurus' birthstone, emerald, is particularly notable for its color. The most costly emeralds are translucent.


The birthstone of Gemini is a pearl, one of the most beloved stones. Modern produced and natural pearls are multicolored.


Ruby, Cancer's birthstone, symbolizes passion, wealth, and health. A high-status gemstone, ruby is famous worldwide. 



Peridot was Leo's birthstone. They dubbed it the “stone of the sun” in Egypt. Self-reflection, loving worldly animals and expensive possessions, and protection from bad energies are pedidons.


Sapphire is Virgo's birthstone. This stone has several colors. Pink, orange, yellow, purple, green, and translucent sapphires exist. 

Secretive and elusive, Libra's birthstone is opal. Its color is fascinating.


Scorpio's birthstone is Topaz. Topaz is a multicolored mineral. Topaz symbolizes pleasure, love, and devotion from loved ones. 


A rare and opaque mineral, turquoise is Sagittarius' birthstone. The gemstone promotes inner serenity and creativity.


Garnet is Capricorn's birthstone. Garnet symbolizes trusting alliances and has a relaxing energy that governs relationships. 


The Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst. It is the most renowned and precious Quartz type on Earth. 


Aquamarine, Pisces' birthstone, means “water of the sea” or “sea stone”. Aquamarine sharpens intelligence and clarifies emotions.


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