Zodiac sign dog breeds: The ‘pawsome’ buddy for your personality

Dogs are people's best friends—an adage as ancient as civilization. However, few know that humans tamed dogs 30,000 years ago.

Mars-ruled Aries, represented by the ram, is impulsive and powerful. Energy, love, and kindness characterize this sign.


Venus rules this stable earth sign. Taureans adore luxury and relaxation. This celestial bull sign may suit a boxer's personality.


In this air sign, twins represent zodiac duality. Mercury controls this clever, gregarious, and adaptable sign. 


Contrary to popular belief, this breed is kind and loyal. Cancerians, ruled by the moon and crab, understand emotions like no other sign.



The Sun-ruled Lions symbolize Leo. Always magnetic, this fire sign thrives on attention. Like pugs, their kindness and large hearts charm everyone.


Detail-oriented Virgins are loyal, sturdy, and hardworking. The introverted earth sign likes to be flawless in all they do. 

Shih tzus were originally bred by Chinese aristocrats. They are peaceful, loyal, and owner-friendly. A calm, non-confrontational Libra likes them. 


Pluto, the destroyer, rules misunderstood Scorpio. Like pitbull. Scorpios are ideal lovers because they are secretive, faithful, and passionate.


The last fire sign, this archer-symbolized sign is daring. Jupiter rules this fluid solar sign, which likes to travel and adapts.


Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, are routine-oriented and work hard to achieve their professional goals. No-nonsense Japanese breeds are fiercely independent. 


The last air sign, Aquarius, is intelligent and progressive. Uranus rules them, which symbolizes revolution and is fixed in their mode.


Last zodiac sign water changes slowly. Calm, spiritual, passionate lovers. What breed is more revered than St. Bernard? Wish planet Neptune oversees Pisces like two fish.


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