Zodiac signs determine your friendship type.

Whether it's F.R.I.E.N.D.S inspiration or being the most reliable, friendship is about trust, caring, love, and fun! Your buddies will always back you. 

Aries, you set friends' trends. You're bold and love to try new things, even if they're wacky, which draws others to you. 


Taureans endure. Period. Despite lack of motivation, they set and pursue goals. When you follow your dreams, others are amazed. 


Geminis are unique and the most entertaining and gregarious people you've encountered. They make great friends and never bore. 


You're caring and protective while being domineering, according to friends. Charity is respected by loved ones. You would do everything for pals.



Because you're the life of the party, your buddies can't relax! Your warm, kind, and stunning demeanor makes anyone your best friend.


Virgos make great friends. They are talented, enthusiastic, and sociable for every event. Virgos are always willing to help.

Librans are always looking for new acquaintances since their social nature makes them kind, caring, and interesting. 


Literally, Scorpios ride or die. They are daring and will never break their word to help a buddy, no matter how hazardous.


Sagittarians dream positively because their eyes sparkle and attract others. They think that whatever one wants is feasible if they believe in themselves.


The boss and structured leader of your friends is you. You always want to start. Like others, your personality deserves respect. 


Aquarians help partners achieve by being themselves. Marketing oneself usually favors creativity.


Pisceans are close friends. They can easily sense whether a pal is distressed or pondering. Your expertise and wisdom are great. 


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