Zodiac signs that snuggle, from most to least

Some people desire to cuddle with their partner at night. They bond through these quiet times that make them feel unique and appreciated. 

Aries are expert snugglers and love it. They can rest their arm or keep you warm without making you want to go.


Taureans adore snuggling. They make it personal beyond kissing and hugging. Taureans relax you, making them great friends after a hard day.


Fun and flirtatious Geminis believe in no-cuddling. Love is their passion, but physical intimacy isn't. They have good tongues but clumsy hands.


Next, Cancer. They'll make you feel comfortable talking while cuddling or after-sex since they get to know you via embracing. 



Next are loving Leos. PDA, holding hands, snuggling, and all things romantic are their thing. 


A kind and caring Virgo cannot express themselves. They need space and aren't passionate. They may find hugging needy.

Balanced people who don't enjoy too much PDA yet adore snuggling beneath a blanket while reading or watching a movie. 


Scorpios love passionately and possessively, but snuggling isn't their thing. They keep love secret, so they only cuddle if they trust you.


Only when they have meaningful sex do Sagittarians adore relationships. However, they dislike snuggling.


Capricorns enjoy control, but hugging doesn't let them establish their superiority. 


No snuggling for Aquarius. Period. They'd rather do something constructive than snuggle, which makes them uncomfortable.


When they dream about snuggling, you know they adore it. They even cuddle a soft animal while alone to feel safe and cherished.


Stay tuned for developments.