Zodiac signs with 'bad' money management

horrible with money doesn't mean bad at making it. You earn well but spend rapidly. You're good—you don't worry about money.

Aries rarely save but don't splurge. This means they are financially responsible and will save for education, family, and retirement.


One of the signs with the most secure financial footing is Taurus.


Gemini money is two-sided. Responsibility, a great profession, saving, and gambling when they want. They gamble to win more but lose everything.


Cancer usually spends little. Most individuals think long before buying. If emotions cloud their judgment, they'll spend everywhere. 



Leo is conservative with expenditures, but presents can go beyond. They adore providing amazing gifts to friends, family, and oneself.


This Virgo is sensible about money. They balance material and physical difficulties. The rational ones always know what to do, especially with money.

Libras are excessively generous because they want to be liked. They attempt to track their money, but things constantly happen and they spend.


Scorpio is one of the most committed and determined signs, especially financially. They are good at handling money and avoid unethical deals. 


Sagittarians work hard and earn well. Its biggest challenge is holding on. If they want to do anything risky, they will.


Capricorn values conserving money for the future and doesn't waste it. They work hard for their job ambitions. 


Aquarius is addicted to technology. They'll queue up the night before a phone launch. They'll research and desire fresh people.


Pisces may offer their last few bucks to a homeless person, even if it means going without for days. Pisces prioritizes people even when unprofitable. 


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